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This is the logo for Restore Wimberley, one of the local charities run by the Cypress Creek Church. Click on the Pic to be taken to their website.




On Memorial Day Weekend 2015, a devestating flood ripped through the Blanco River and the beautiful little town of Wimberley, Texas.  Hundreds of homes destroyed, more damaged and some of our neighbors died.  But this unique little community is recovering! 


Wimberley Wednesdays was born out of the desire to support the community that has so graciously accepted me and most importantly the people who live here.  Hopefully this movement will grow into a program with multitudes of benefits.


So what is Wimberley Wednesdays?  It's a chance for those who have lost their homes, and their community of volunteers, first responders and law enforcement to get a free massage!


What good will a massage do?

I know for most that might not seem important, given the circumstances. But this is exactly why it's so important!  Massage is good for helping with the soreness created during all of the clean-up work. It helps to keep muscles relaxed and joints lubricated, it relieves stress and improves circulation which can help protect the immune system. Given the amount of mold; and other nasty little bugs that have been found in the water, a good immune system is essential for survivors.  Getting sick on top of everything would be such an insult!


How it works:  

      On Wednesdays, I will be offering a free 60 minute massage to those people who have lost their primary residences, as well, as to those volunteers who have been on the scene since the beginning, working tirelessly; the first responders who risked life and limb to save our neighbors and the law enforcement who have helped to protect the people and property since the devestation.  It will be first come- first served, and by appointment only to prevent any confusion.  I will be available from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm to facilitate those folks who have to work on Wednesdays. 


PLEASE NOTE:  There is ABSOLUTELY no obligation for those receiving a free massage!  NONE, NADA, NOT ONE.

 I prefer they do not  tip, in fact, any tips will be donated to the Barnabas Connection, My Neighbor's Keeper or WAG.  


How can you help:

Call me at 512-289-9064 with the names of those people who fit in one of the categories above, and help me connect with them so we can get them on the table.  You can also FB me, text me or stop by the office.

I will have gift certificates available whenever I am about in Wimberley, so if you see me, stop me!  Any help you can give me would be so appreciated!







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