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First The Details:


It's really simple!   Gather the most points  -- WIN A YEAR OF FREE MASSAGE!

This means 12 -- 60 minute massages redeemable one per month for 12 consecutive months. They must be redeemed each month, cannot be transferred, sold or given to anyone else. Any massage not redeemed within it's calendar month will be forfeit!  Massages must be held at the office in Wimberely. Massages can be prescheduled for the entire year, and rescheduled with a 72 hour notice.



The contest is open to anyone who lives in the Central Texas area, age 18 or older.  The contest is free to play.  You have until Midnight on Friday, October 23rd, 2014 to accumulate as many points as possible.  To participate, simply fill out the contact form and let me know you want to play!!!


                   Ways to Earn Points:

                                    Refer a New Client:

                                        If they schedule prior to 10/23/14 - 10 points

                                        If they schedule after 10/23/14 - 5 points


                                     Like Facebook Page:

                                               Like Page - 10 points

                                               Share Posts - 5 points per post shared

                                               Comment on Post - 5 points ( 1 time per post)

                                               Rate Us on FB - 5 points


                                      Pass On a Flyer:

                                             Take your pic with the flyer you posted and post on our

                                              Facebook page or text to 512-289-9064 - 10 points


                                                  Visit to Rebecca's Website: 5 points (1 time)

                                                 Leave a comment to receive points


                                       Review Rebecca:

                                               Review Rebecca on Yelp, Google, Yellow Pages, ETC.

                                               for each review - 5 points.  PLEASE BE HONEST - IT WON'T AFFECT                                                                                                        YOUR POINTS

                                               Send a text to 512-289-9064, so Rebecca can verify and get you your points.


                                       Donate to Local Charities

                                                Donate money to any of the Following Charities -

                                                1 point per $1.00 donated

                                                You can donate directly to the charity or you can bring your donation

                                                to the office.  If you donate goods, you can bring your receipt or an estimate

                                                of the value of the items donated to receive your points!     PLEASE NOTE:

                                                If you would rather volunteer your time - it will be worth 10 points per                                                           hour.  Please provide a letter or receipt on the organization's letterheard to                                                     receive your points.   You may accumulate only  1/2 of your points through                                                   your charitable contributions! 



                                                                             Amber's Angels

                                                          Barnabas Connection

                                                          Crisis Bread Basket,

                                                          Community Action of Hays, Caldwell and Blanco Co.'s 

                                                          Corral Theatre,                    

                                                           Hays County Food Bank,

                                                           Hays County Women's Shelter,

                                                           Kathryn Ann Porter School,

                                                           Village of Wimberely Library

                                                           WAG Rescue

                                                           Wimberley Valley Radio,

                                                            Without Regrets











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