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Massage is a Mission!


The human body is a miracle!


It works without ceasing to maintain homeostasis - control of the chaos. It is constantly changing blood sugar, blood pressure, heart-rate, breath rate, and many other functions to keep you healthy and functional. Each person's body is unique, each responds to environmental conditions and genetics differently than the next. I believe that the human body is incredibly resilient, capable of healing from serious injury and dysfunction, and that massage therapy can be a vital part of that healing process. 


Your body is no different, you are a unique creation, and I feel privileged and honored that you would come to me for help.


I am a believer and as such, feel that I was called into Massage Therapy as my mission field. I also believe that faith is a deeply personal choice. 


 You are welcome here, regardless of which faith you adhere to, or don't.  Regardless of your age, skin color, your gender or your sexual orientation, you are welcome on my table. All that I ask from you is that you show that same respect to others when you come to visit me.

photo courtesy of bandha

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